And yeah, we got all the expected stuff.

  • Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Branch Development
  • Compliance/Risk Management
  • Direct Lender
  • FHA and Conventional Programs
  • HR Benefits & Services
  • Managed Email Services
  • Profit & Loss Analysis and Management
  • State Licensing
  • Technology/Internet Support
  • Full Health Benefits
  • Loan Officer Licensing Support & NMLS Registration and Maintenance
  • Branch Affiliate Benefits
  • Branch Profit Account
  • New Branch Orientation
  • Marketing Support
  • Individual Procedural Training
  • Branch Staff Training & Support
  • Professional, Legal and HR Support
  • Underwriting Manager
  • Post-Closing Department

It's the unexpected that makes us different.

Our decision to be different strikes a chord with many people. Your ultimate decision to become a branch manager with SemperBranch comes down to your comfort level. Are you happy with the status quo? Do you believe in excessive customer service? Are you aggressive or passive? As you go through the various sites offering branch opportunities you´ll realize each has its own personality and tone.

In the case of SemperBranch, we are about as far from the status quo as we can be. We are rabid fans of customer service. We believe you need to be aggressive on your clients´ behalf, not aggressive towards them.

SemperBranch lets you run a branch office as a true mortgage banker. Your satisfaction creates success for both you and us. But at Semper we are big fans of working hard and playing harder. For example the following is a small sample of what we mean when it comes to helping our branches and their employees combine work and play.

  • Top producing SemperBranch managers receive free travel to industry events and conventions.
  • Continual sales incentive programs for branch employees where they can win free travel to annual Semper Conference
  • Senior managerial training to help inspire and motivate your key employees.
  • Cross-company team challenges to build camaraderie across the entire branch system (example: New branches receive indoor basketball hoop and ball to practice before company wide competition at our annual conference.
  • SemperBranch provides continuous education, certification and compliance training for your employees.
  • New branches are assigned a senior member from an existing branch for support and mentoring.
  • Semper branches have a Branch Liaison that is a branch´s direct link to Semper corporate.

As a special way to introduce you to SemperBranch, once you contact us and pass our initial screening you´ll be invited to come and meet us in person at our corporate headquarters in Providence, RI. So what do you think? Ready to throw the status quo to the curb and get involved in the future of branches, not the past?