Nice to meet you...welcome to the InCrowd.

Since 2005, one of our primary goals was to bring a new dynamic to the mortgage business. After almost 8 years of positive change, our fresh approach to branching has made the effort worthwhile. How do we know? Because our branches say so.

Semper Home Loans is seven years young. And like any seven-year old, we’re precocious, inquisitive, and challenge everything.

When it comes to the business of home loans, as a lender we’re faced with many challenges. There’s a lot to be changed. That old “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality just doesn’t cut it. And it doesn’t fit the reality that we live in. Have you seen the headlines? Look at the housing market and the construction business. Talk to your neighbors and friends. The home loan business is in need of a total makeover. And that’s what we’ve been doing…and will continue to do.

But talk is cheap. We are confident that our refreshing point of view, honest objective approach, and a compulsive addiction to personal service is working. And the facts back up our words; Semper is the fastest growing mortgage lender in the Northeast. What does that mean for you? Well if you are looking for a lender to branch “partner” with, wouldn’t doing so with an established, recognized full service lender make the most sense?

I’m sure that by now you’ve discovered that most branch opportunities claim to offer many of the same products and services. We are all regulated by the same laws and have access to most of the same programs. So what dynamic sets Semper apart from the rest? The way we support our branch partners and empower them to determine their own futures. We’ll open the doors. It’s up to you to go through them. You see…we realize it’s our employees that grow the company and we acknowledge that fact by treating every Semper employee the way that we would want to be treated. We’ve been where you are. Now it’s time for you to come where we’re going.

To sum it up, what I’ve been touting is called “Semper Style”. Semper Style is about being real. It’s about working hard and playing even harder. Semper Style is an extension of our management philosophy that emphasizes “hiring the best and brightest while providing products and services that are best in class”. These are the words we live by. They are our marching orders. We march to the beat of a different drummer. We refuse to wallow in mediocrity. We’re proud of who we are and what we do, yet humble in the recognition of all that we’ve accomplished.